The Kentucky Online Testing (KYOTE) placement testing system provides free online placement exams that measure preparedness for college level learning in mathematics, reading and writing.


Kentucky high school seniors who have not met ACT benchmarks in mathematics, reading or English should take the college readiness math exam, reading exam or writing exam, respectively, following the completion of a transitional course or some other targeted intervention in each area. Students who meet the benchmarks are considered college ready in that subject area by the KDE and are guaranteed placement into a credit-bearing course in that area without the need for remediation at any public college or university in Kentucky.
Students whose mathematics ACT is 19, 20, or 21 should take and pass the college algebra exam to guarantee placement into college algebra at any public college or university in Kentucky. (This is an optional test.)

Meeting the benchmarks benefit 

  • Students and parents by guaranteeing students placement into credit-bearing courses in college without the need for remediation
  • Schools by improving the College and/or Career Readiness Rate 
  • Postsecondary institutions by reducing the need for remedial courses.